Frisco Town Hall Meeting

Frisco goes green was the theme of the Town Hall Meeting. The turn out was great…it must have been the free T-Shirt!

It was a treat to hear from the David Wallace, Mayor of Sugarland and the strides they have made in youth internet safety. Owning, this is an issue that is dear to us. After listening to his presentation, we have decided to add internet safety to our child safety day on May 5 as well as doing more to educate parents on the issues. If you are interested in learning more, a great website is

Next was a presentaion on Drug Education Programs. The speaker recommended to the City to have more education programs for parents as they are the first line of defense. The Mayor added Frisco’s goal is to be proactive on drug prevention and education. One of Frisco’s growing concerns is theft from cars which is an opportunity crime. The Police introduced the Lock, Take & Hide program ro remind people to not leave valuables behind in their car.

Presentations also included Clean Air programs, green building programs, and Frisco’s state-of-the-art recycling program.

Gary Hardwell, Director of Public Works, discussed water conservation. Lake Lavon is going to double capacity by 2008 which will greatly help. We will likely stay in Stage 3 up to this point. Gary discussed the City’s plan to track actual rainfall vs. water needed to show residents how much they need to water each week. Links should be available soon.


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