City Council Meeting – 8/8/2007

Tonight was another late meeting!

A few items of interest:

  • We had a lengthy discussion about allowed structures in the neighborhood of Frisco Lakes.  Frisco Lakes is a new active adult community.  What is particularly unique about this development is that none of the homes have fences.  The backyards are designed to be shared open spaces and many of the yards open to other homes and roads as well.  So I thought we had to hold them to a higher standard as far as what residents were allowed to build.  I was happy with the language we ultimately decided on as I feel it will help protect the integrity of the neighborhood and maintain property values.  Many Frisco Lakes residents responded they were happy with our changes.
  • We spent over an hour discussing the bike path on Panther Creek Blvd.  This road had been targeted to be part of the bike thoroughfare.  After a lengthy discussion, it was determined that the surrounding roads had not been built with the bike path and therefore, could not be retrofitted.  As a result, this would be the bike path to nowhere. Council voted to delete the bike path from the design but will work with biking enthusiasts to find ways to make Frisco Bike Friendly.

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