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City Council Meeting – 9/18/2007

We had a full agenda tonight.  Tonight we made all of our Board Appointments (other than P&Z).  We interviewed 70-80 applicants over a few week period.  There were many very talented applicants and I hope that those that were not appointed continue to apply in the future. 

Other items of note:

  • We adopted our 2008 budget.  The tax rate remained the same at .45%
  • Council approved a specific-use permit for a new gymnasium at Legacy Christian Academy.  Many of the teachers, students and parents came to speak on the success of the school and the need for a new gym.  A few residents spoke against the new gym due to traffic concerns.  Council approved the specific-use permit to allow the new gym.
  • Teenager curfew was also on our agenda.  Many residents spoke in favor of the curfew.  Brandon Maso, a High School student, spoke against the curfew.  I spent a great deal of time researching this issue and speaking with interested parties.  For me, I felt like the curfew was a great tool for police officers to have in their toolkit.  Speaking with many officers, the curfew would give them the ability to break up teens and send them home.  Before the curfew, police officers had no ability to do so.  Council approved the curfew ordinance but made the change for the time to be midnight each night.

City Council Meeting – 9/4/2007

We had a full house tonight! A few points of interest from tonight’s meeting:

  • Council was presented with a specific use permit request for a mosque in Downtown Frisco.  Many Downtown businesses showed up to voice their concern with the church not being an appropriate use for that location.  Members from the Church also showed up to discuss their support of the facility.  The Church members showed a willingness to be a good neighbor and agreed to run the permit concurrent with their lease.  The specific use permit was approved by Council.
  • We had our 2nd public hearing for our 2008 proposed budget.


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