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Week in Review (Ending 10/28/07)

Wow, what a busy and exciting week!

Monday – This afternoon, I met with Scott Sanju, President of the Frisco Rough Riders.  He shared with me their upcoming community initatives and all of the charities they support.  They have been supportive of the Frisco Education Foundation as well.

This evening was the dedication of the fountain in the City Hall Plaza.  The fountain is stunning, especially at night.  We also buried the time capsule that was collected during the dedication last year of City Hall.  After the dedication, we had our Town Hall Meeting.  We do these 3 times a year as a way to keep citizens updated on things happening in Frisco.

City Hall Fountain

Wednesday – Tonight we attended the Grand Opening of Coach Joe’s.  This is a great addition to Frisco.  It is a family-friendly atmosphere that adds in some evening entertainment.  At one seat I was sitting in I could see 8 TVs at once…my kind of place!  Coach Joe was working the room and since he is a former Cowboy Coach, he pulled out all of the stops for his grand opening.  Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders, Too Tall Jones, and other former Cowboys were in attendance. 

Coach Joe’s

Thursday – Tonight we had our Eldorado Town Hall Meeting

Friday – Tonight we had our first Halloween event at Safety Town.  It was an overwhelming success!  We were estimating 500 people and nearly 10,000 showed up.  Wal-Mart representatives saved the day by delivering a truck of candy.  The volunteers did a wonderful job and it was the best Halloween event my family has ever attended.  It is the perfect trick-or-treating experience, a safe environment, the houses were only a few feet apart, and everyone was home….no wonder it was such a big draw.  You can expect an even bigger event next year and we will be ready for them.

Saturday – This was a busy day. In the morning, I ran in the Gary Burns Fun Run which benefits the Frisco Education Foundation.  Although I used to be an avid runner, this was the first 5k I had ever run.  Let’s just say I am a little out of shape.  In the afternoon, we went to the dedication of the new Frisco Athletic Club.  I was Member #4 and you have not seen it yet, your family will be amazed.  That night, my family attended the FC Dallas playoff soccer game against Houston.  FC Dallas won the game 1-0.


Vote YES for the Collin County Bond Package

It is crucial for the continued growth of our county that we support this bond proposal to improve our regional transportation system. I am certainly not alone in my support for the Collin County Bond Transportation Proposal.

Additional Endorsements:
It was unaminously endorsed by the Frisco City Council as well as Frisco City Staff. It was also endorsed by the City Council of Melissa, Prosper, Allen, Anna, Richardson and Murphy. The Frisco and Plano Chamber of Commerce also endorsed the Proposal. Most importantly, it was endorsed by the citizen committee appointed to make recomendations to the County Commissioners and later approved by a vote of 4-1 in support of the proposal. Judge Keith Self was the dissenting vote. Continue reading ‘Vote YES for the Collin County Bond Package’

Rebuttal to Keith Self’s Objections to the County Bond Proposal

On November 6, 2007 the citizens of Collin County will have the opportunity to approve a 328.9 million dollar bond program, divided into three parts:

Transportation $235.6 million
Facilities $ 76.3 million
Open Space $ 17.0 million
Total $328.9 Million

This bond program has been developed by three county-wide citizens committees and approved for the November ballot by the Collin County Commissioners Court.

You are urged to support all three parts as they will provide significant benefits throughout Collin County without a county tax rate increase or an adverse impact on the County’s AAA bond rating.

Commissioner Self was the only County Commissioner to oppose the County Bond Proposal. Below are the 9 points that Judge Self has listed on his website to oppose the bond proposal. I have also included my comments to each point below.

Continue reading ‘Rebuttal to Keith Self’s Objections to the County Bond Proposal’

Eldorado Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday, October 25, Frisco hosted a special Town Hall Meeting to discuss the construction of Eldorado. Residents in NW Frisco have become increasingly frustrated with the traffic on Eldorado. The worst was the first week on school as residents were trying to figure out their routes. We received several hundred e-mails that week when traffic and frustrations were at their worst. There has been some relief as traffic patterns have become more established and with the opening of the Tollway extension. Also, Panther Creek was made a higher priority which should we open late next summer. This, along with the opening of some new schools, will help to relieve Eldorado further. Since Eldorado is 2-3 years from opening, any relief will be appreciated. We will continue to explore any ideas to help our residents in NW Frisco.

Here is a link to some FAQs regarding Eldorado:

Here is an article discussing alternate routes for Eldorado:

In Collin County, The ‘C’ Stands for Cooperation

I often get asked if the County should be building roads or should that be the responsibility of the individual cities? The answer is “Yes!” the County should absolutely be involved with the construction of our local roads. With the County’s assistance, the cities within the County are incentivized to cooperate to build our growing infrastructure.

The cities within the County are required to pay 50% of the costs associated with the road construction. County participation and leadership in this process assures the funding is spent for major arterials/thoroughfares (generally 6 lane divided) carrying traffic through and between cities and towns. It permits concentrating funds on the highest priorities in the county. County participation and leadership also assures coordination between cities and towns for continuity of the overall road system and to prevent bottlenecks/discontinuities at city/town boundaries in a cost effective manner. In addition, all projects in the bond program are required to be started within the next five years to help mitigate congestion as rapidly as possible.

  Continue reading ‘In Collin County, The ‘C’ Stands for Cooperation’

Ever wonder how the Collin County Bond Priorities Are Set?

If you wonder how the County funds are allocated, below is some information on how the process works. As the Transportation bond proposal is the most complex of the three and directly addresses Collin County’s most critical issue – traffic mobility/congestion – this discussion explains the Transportation proposal.

Continue reading ‘Ever wonder how the Collin County Bond Priorities Are Set?’

City Council Meeting – 10/16/2007

I knew this was going to be a late Council Meeting as soon as I saw the agenda.  I finally got home sometime around 1 am!

A few items of note include:

  • The late night ordinance was suspended and will be placed on the May ballot.  See my full write-up here
  • We continued further discussions regarding the Senior Tax freeze.  Based on the information presented by staff, there is not much support for a freeze in Frisco at this time.  Frisco still has much to develop and it is difficult to predict what the freeze would do to future budgets.  We will be considering increasing the Senior Exemption on a future agenda.
  • Michael Rodgers was appointed to serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission following the resignation of Geralyn Kaminski.
  • Council approved the construction of a event sign outside of Pizza Hut Park.  I also requested that the City be allowed to promote City events and important messages as part of our Developer Agreement.
  • Council had a long discussion regarding setbacks, specifically those pertaining to patio homes.  We have many homeowners in a few neighborhoods that constructed arbors and other structures without getting a permit.  As a result, many are being asked to remove their structures.  As I discussed at the meeting, I do not condone the behavior of building a structure without a permit. However, I do feel like the ordinance needs to be reviewed and updated to consider the patio home lifestyle. My opinion is that after any changes are agreed to, then the owners would have to change their structures to comply with the updated ordinance.  We are going to be reviewing this further in an upcoming meeting with Planning & Zoning in November.
  • Council approved a new form-based code manual.  This is a process on focusing on the structure above the use.  For instance, a grocery store would not be built with a long continuous front wall.  Instead, it would be built to look like a series of buildings.  As a result, the site could have a future use for things other than grocery stores.  This type of building standards helps keep Frisco unique and sustainable over time and will encourage reinvestment as Frisco matures.  It also applies to home and creating unique and sustainable neighborhoods.  Quality development is a passion of mine and I am excited about the possibilities of our new form-based code.

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out late with us tonight!


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