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City Council Meeting – 12/18/2007

After a few weeks with shorter than normal meetings, this week had a slightly longer agenda.  However, we finished up before 9 pm which is below our average.  We have been spoiled the last few meetings but I expect the shorter meetings to quickly become a distant memory as I expect a very busy 2008!  Please check out the full article to keep updated on things happening in Frisco.

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Week in Review (Ending 12/16/2007)

It seems everyone is getting geared up for the holidays.  After a week of Holiday parties, we were focusing on getting our shopping done.  I am proud to say we got done early this year and the first time in a long time, will not be closing down the mall on Christmas Eve. This week we joined in our community for a few more holiday parties including FC Dallas, Collin County Association of Realtors, and my personal favorite, the Boys and Girls Club.  The young man with the Michael Jackson impersonation had the audience on the floor!  We also realized that we need to find a way to get the Boys and Girls Club a new intercom system.  It was such a blessing to be invited and see so many smiling faces.

West Frisco residents will be pleased to know we had the official grand opening of the Frisco Post Office at Main & Teel.  The Mayor has been working on this for several years so I know he took great pleasure in seeing the doors open.  It was ironic that the stamp machine malfunctioned when he was trying to use it.  Also, the Frisco Thunder hosted a kick-off party for sponsors.  Jake and Vinita Reed are such wonderful people and Dana and I are fortunate to have such a sponsorship party with  We went to every game last year and are looking to the season starting this year.  If you have never been, you need to make a point to get tickets.  It is a great time!

Our meeting schedule was light.  However, I did attend my first Mayor’s Youth Council.  Currently, the Mayor and Council Member Jim Joyner run this Council.  Their purpose is to get a teen perspective on issues effecting Frisco and there were a few dozen teens in attendance.  Since the Mayor and Dr. Joyner are in their final years, I will be attending the rest of the meetings this year and then leading the efforts to carry the program forward.

We also had a joint meeting with the Conventions and Visitors Bureau.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss marketing strategies for Frisco.  We will be doubling our hotel capacity over the next 12 months so we will be proactive in attracting people to Frisco to fill these rooms.

 Our next Council meeting is December 18th.

Week in Review (Ending 12/9/2007)

This was a busy week in Frisco as many people were having their holiday parties.


This afternoon I went to the grand opening of the new facility for Oxysure.  Oxysure bridges the gap between the onset of a medical emergency and the arrival of the first responders on the scene by providing immediate oxygen through their breakthrough technologies.  The success of Oxysure is excited as they are home grown as one of our first graduates of our technology incubator program known as NTEC.  I expect their products to become as common as a fire extinguisher.


This morning I attended a breakfast hosted by the Frisco Developer’s Council.  The FDC invited all of the employees of Frisco to attend as a way to say ‘thank you.’  Manny’s provided the food.  After eating too much over Thanksgiving, I did have to pass on the bacon wrapped sausage…although it was tempting!

In the morning, I met with some Frisco citizens who were looking for guidance on creating a multicultural group in Frisco.  I thought they had some wonderful suggestions so I look forward to helping them get some traction with their efforts.  Their mission is to create more inclusion and acceptance of people with differing beliefs or cultures.

Just before the start of our Council meeting, I attended the ribbon cutting of the Bank of the Ozarks.  It is a new bank located at the NE corner of Preston and Lebanon.  Their employees have jumped into Frisco with both feet and have been very helpful and supportive in Frisco charitable iniatives.


Most of the morning was spent brainstorming with other Realtors on issues facing the industry.  I serve on our Agent Leadership Council where we mentor and train new agents.  We also try to meet a few times a year to discuss local issues facing our industry and our clients.

This afternoon I had the pleasure to attend the FISD Senior Holiday lunch.  No, this was not for graduating seniors.  This party was for the senior citizens of Frisco.  Although they do not have children in the school district, many have grand children in the district or even attended themselves.  Seniors, of course, pay school taxes like everyone even if they have no kids in the school district.  However, they all see the value in having a great school district in their city.  This luncheon was a way to say ‘thank you’ for their continued support.  This event has been hosted since 1980. There were several people there that had graduated from Frisco High School!

My afternoon was spent at the hospital getting an MRI on my knee.  I hurt it before Thanksgiving in a softball accident.  My wife keeps reminding me that I am not 18 anymore.  However, it was a playoff game so I had to go all out.  Of course, adding insult to injury, I was out on the play.

After the MRI, Dana and I attended a Holiday Party hosted by fellow Council Member, David Prince.  It was a lovely evening with the highlight definitely being the chocolate covered apples.  They were incredibly, other than the apple part.


Today I got to watch my oldest son, Zachary, perform in his annual Christmas show at Stonebriar Church.  He attends there, along with his brother, a few days a week for Bible School.  As always, the teachers did a wonderful job with the performance it is always one of my favorite events of the year.

Tonight, Dana and I attended holiday parties for the Frisco Economic Development Corporation and the Frisco Business Association.


Tonight we had out staff appreciation party at our house.  We have been blessed with wonderful employees for both as well as our Real Estate business.  This is always our chance to tell them thanks for their loyalty and support over the years.


Tonight Dana and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary.  We dined at Silver Fox Steakhouse for the first time.  I highly recommend it!

City Council Meeting – 12/4/2007

Tonight we set a time record for our City Council meeting.  We ended our session at 7:45.  I know I need to enjoy these quicker meetings now as I know 2008 is going to be a busy year!

We again had the item on our agenda regarding the citizen-appointed red light committee.  It was tabled again because staff is still researching requirements.  I also requested that we explore a broader transportation advisory council.  My feelings are that if we are going to be calling on our citizens to volunteer their time, there are a variety of topics they can provide assistance with.  I think the red light requirements should just be one of their functions.

We received an update from our Parks and Rec department that we have over 8,000 members for our new Frisco Athletic Center (made up of over 1,800 memberships).  76% of the memberships are the family plan.  We are well on track toward our cost covering goals we were anticipating in the first year of operation.

Week in Review (Ending 12/2/2007)

Last week there was not update as much of Frisco took the week off to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday.  My family went to Columbus, Tx to visit Dana’s Dad.  He is a cattle rancher and I look forward to getting out to the country.  We always come back refreshed after spending a weekend in the slower paced environment.  We did have a scare with my daughter Kaytlin.  She got sick Friday night and we end up spending 18 hours in the emergency room.  Thankfully, she is okay.  We did have to miss Matt & Erika Lafata’s wedding.  Congrats guys and sorry we missed it!


Things started picking up again this Thursday.  On Thursday, I visited with Allison Miller, Director of the Frisco Education Foundation, and Jake and Vinita Reed of the Frisco Thunder.  We discussed fundraising ideas for the Foundation by giving away ticket proceeds to the Foundation.  Next year, because of the expansion of the Dr. Pepper Stars Center, they will have to play 7 straight home games followed by 7 straight road games.  The arena expansion will begin immediately after their last home game.


This afternoon I attended a celebration of the funding of the 121 proceeds. Frisco’s stance on 121 was a long and bitter battle but likely resulted in the project remaining with NTTA rather than being sold to Cintras.

Tonight we took the family to the Texas Tornado game.  They are having a rough season this year but my family always enjoys going.  The highlight od the evening is always chuck-a-puck after the end of the 2nd period.


Wow! Today was a busy day in Frisco.  We started the morning at the Breakfast with Santa event at the new Frisco Athletic Club.  After my kids told Santa what they wanted, we rushed to my youngest boy’s soccer game in the Colony.  It was his first soccer game as that was the first league that we found would allow a 3 year old to play in.  Later that night we enjoyed the Merry Main Street even and street lighting.  The good weather had the place packed!  We actually got on the train this year as we went there as soon as it opened.  My kids were so disappointed last year when we were unable to get on.  This years event was wonderful and I especially liked seeing the new fountain in action.


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