City Council Meeting – 12/4/2007

Tonight we set a time record for our City Council meeting.  We ended our session at 7:45.  I know I need to enjoy these quicker meetings now as I know 2008 is going to be a busy year!

We again had the item on our agenda regarding the citizen-appointed red light committee.  It was tabled again because staff is still researching requirements.  I also requested that we explore a broader transportation advisory council.  My feelings are that if we are going to be calling on our citizens to volunteer their time, there are a variety of topics they can provide assistance with.  I think the red light requirements should just be one of their functions.

We received an update from our Parks and Rec department that we have over 8,000 members for our new Frisco Athletic Center (made up of over 1,800 memberships).  76% of the memberships are the family plan.  We are well on track toward our cost covering goals we were anticipating in the first year of operation.


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