City Council Meeting – 3/4/2008

We had a relatively short agenda this evening which worked out well as we had to do some staff reviews following the meeting.  We apologize for everyone that attended as we started about 30 minutes late due to a lengthy executive session.  We start the meeting at 5:30 and then immediately recess into executive session.  We attempt to compete that within an hour so we can reconvene at 6:30.  However, occasionally we run over if we have numerous topics or lengthy discussions.

Before I discuss the actual meeting, I first want to talk about the County Commissioner races that will effect Frisco for years to come.

Frisco is represented by both Collin County and Denton County.  The dividing line is roughly along the tollway, although the tollway is not exactly on the county line through Frisco.  Roughly 60% of our population lies in Collin County while the other 40% is in Denton County.

In Denton County, we are represented by Precinct 1 Commissioner.  In Collin County, a portion of Frisco is represented by the Precinct 1 Commissioner and the other portion by the Precinct 3 Commissioner.

The Denton County race has been electric for months with the 2 Republican candidates having very heated debates on policy, donors, and more.  Challenger Hugh Coleman was running against incumbent Cynthia White.  If you have read other blog entries here or some of the articles in the newspaper, you are likely aware of the rift between Frisco and Denton County.  There have been many differences in opinion over the years between Frisco and the County.  The largest being the discussions on the tolling of 121.  Commissioner White supported awarding the project to Cintras which Frisco opposed.  These differences boiled over into a dispute on paying engineering costs on the design of 423.  In addition, Denton County is planning on having a very important transportation bond election this year.  To determine projects for the bond, the county forms a citizen bond committee to give recommendations to the Commissioner’s Court.  I asked County Judge Mary Horn how the committee is formed.  She told me each Commissioner selects 4 citizens to be on the committee.  I was disappointed to learn that Commissioner White had selected 3 citizens from the City of Denton and her 4th seat was undecided.  Since much of the traffic in her Precinct flow through Frisco, I have requested that 4th seat be a Frisco representative.  Commissioner White has been focused on the campaign and has not responded yet to my request.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I had met with Commissioner White to start working toward resolving some differences.  However, I feel many Frisco voters felt it was too little too late and were looking for a change.  Mr. Coleman focused much of his campaign on targeting Frisco voters who have long felt ignored.  Based on the voter turnout I watched at the Frisco polls, Frisco spoke loud and clear that we want to be recognized in Denton County.  Mr. Coleman made large gains in Frisco precincts while winning the overall race by a razor thin margin.

The final results of the vote:

Hugh Coleman 5,721 votes to Cynthia White 5,662 votes, a winning margin of 59 votes!  This goes to show that every vote does count.  Mr. Coleman will be heavily favored against the Democratic opponent in November.  If Hugh is successful there, I look forward to working with him in the future.  I feel he shares similar views as our current City leadership on County Government and planning and we look forward to Frisco being a big part of that plan.

In the Collin County races, Joe Jaynes won handily against Celina’s Mayor Corbett Howard gathering 58% of the vote.  In Precinct 1, incumbent Phyllis Cole received 47% of the vote with Matt Shaheen receiving 38% of the vote.  Since neither candidate received 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff election on April 8.  I will have future updates of this race as we move closer to the runoff date.

Now on to our Council meeting.  As I mentioned previously, our agenda was a light one.  One important topic we voted on was Frisco’s policy on sex offender residency requirements.  I have discussed the pros and cons in prior blog entries.  When it came up to vote in this meeting, it was a quick decision to approve the new ordinance.  We will now extend the restricted residency area to 1,000 ft from restricted areas such as schools for both those on probation and parole.  It will also give our police an enforcement tool they previously did not have.  Kudos to Chief Renshaw for all of the hard work he did in providing us with the requested information to make this decision.

We also selected Frisco’s representatives to the Arts of Collin County Advisory Council.  Each City within the partnership has 2 members, one City representative and one at large representative.  We re-elected Dr. Jim Joyner as our City representative and selected Rhonda Martin as our at-large representative.  Congrats to both!

You may have noticed local election chatter starting to heat up.  We have 2 council members and the mayor who are all in their final term.  Therefore, we will have 3 hotly contested races in the upcoming election.  Throw in the late-night ordinance vote and it will be a very interesting few months in Frisco.  The filing deadline for these elections is Monday, March 10.  Now with the primaries complete, you will begin seeing the focus turn to our local elections.  I am anxious myself to begin hearing the views of the candidates.

A few other items discussed in the meeting:

  • Frisco’s estimated population as of March 3 was 99,698.  We should officially pass the 100,000 mark this month!
  • We approved the installation of 2 way cables into our City Hall media room.  This was a required step for our future ability to stream Council Meetings and other items onto the internet.  In addition, it will allow us to have live broadcasts which be very important in any emergency situation.  It will also save our staff a considerable amount of time by being able to load our cable content directly to the provider rather than our current inefficient processes.  I am on the Technology Committee and is you can expect big changes over the next year in the City’s use of technology to communicate to our residents.
  • Frisco is becoming renowned for our popular community events that continue to grow each year.  The 4th annual Trick-A-Trout children’s fishing event took place on February 9th with over 1,500 people attending.  The 16th Annual Easter Eggstavaganza will be taking place on Saturday, March 8 at Pizza Hut Park.  Games and activities, entertainment and of course the chance to hunt for over 45,000 eggs will be a part of this year’s event.
  • There were a few street name changes to avoid confusion.  Spyglass Lane in Frisco Lakes was renamed Spyglass Hill Lane.  Bordeaux Avenue in Meadows of Preston was renamed Montezuma Way.

If you want to look at any agenda items and supporting documents, please visit:

Thanks again for reading the blog and please let me know how I may improve it.  The readership has grown very rapidly and I appreciated the comments and interest I have received thus far.  I will begin adding additional information and postings of relevant information between Council meetings.


1 Response to “City Council Meeting – 3/4/2008”

  1. 1 Chris Moss March 7, 2008 at 11:56 pm


    I for one really appreciate your efforts in putting pressure on Denton Co Commissioner White to include Frisco in the Bond Committee. This is merely one symptom of a bigger problem, and showed Commissioner White’s true colors.

    Hopefully this now leads to a fairer representation of Frisco in a number of areas!


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