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Late Night Ordinance Reviewed

I have not addressed the late night ordinance in awhile.  This topic has been heating up with the polls opening on Monday to start voting on this issue.

Dallas Morning News writer Ed Housewright address this topic in his Sunday Editorial in support of the late night ordinance.  You can read the story here:

In the article, Mr. Housewright references a blog entry I made here a few months ago.  He called me last week to ask if he could reference the blog which of course, I agreed.  That is why I started this blog so that my opinions and decisions are transparent to the public.  I am just glad he took the time to read the blog!

You can read the blog entry he references here:

You can also visit the official sites for both sides at the following links:

In Favor –

Opposed –


Whichever side of the issue you are on, I just hope that everyone exercises their right to vote.  Early voting starts this Monday and election day is May 10th.


City Council Meeting – April 15, 2008

I sure hope everyone got their taxes done on time!  Council Member David Prince, a tax CPA, was the happiest person in the room tonight as he survived another tax busy season.  Tonight’s meeting was packed with reports and presentations which resulted in a long night.  We finished up just after 11.  I was impressed that some of the current candidate’s for office stayed until the end.

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City Council Meeting – 4/1/2008

The Council meeting started off on a light note due to April Fool’s Day.  We had planned a joke on the Mayor to have nobody make a motion to go into executed session when he called for it.  It did not go over well as Council Member Prince did not get the memo and let him off the hook.  However, we did get Jim Gandy, Frisco Economic Development Corporation, by singing Happy Birthday to him.  If you were in attendance or plan to watch in on TV, I apologize for our sorry attempt at singing.  This time of year our attendance at these meetings starts to go up as those running for office will start coming.  We discussed a wide range of topics so I will get into it.

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