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City Council Meeting – June 17, 2008

First, I apologize for the delay in posting this update.  Last week was a very busy week for City Council.  We had a late Council Meeting on Tuesday and then left Wednesday morning to go on our 3.5 day work session.  This is an annual event where we discuss as a Council our priorities for the next year.  We had a very productive work session as we welcomed a new Mayor and 2 new Council members.  We are blessed as a Council to have a group that works well with one another, respects each other’s differing opinions, and all who have the best interest of Frisco in mind.  This meeting kicks off our busy season for City Council as we now role into Board interviews and appointments followed by our budget work.

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City Council Meeting – 6/3/2008

Tonight’s meeting was newly elected Mayor Maso’s first full Council Meeting.  One of the Mayor’s goals is to get us to start our meeting at 6:30.  We start at 5:30 but then immediately exit for our Executive Session where we discuss items such as legal or property acquisitions/negotiations, etc.  Our goal has always been to come back into regular session by 6:30 to start the regular meeting but more often than not we take more time discussing items in executive session.  This can certainly be frustrating for patiently waiting citizens.  The Mayor’s new policy is for us to come back into regular session at 6:30 and then come back into Executive Session after the regular meeting if more time is needed.  This is exactly what we did this meeting and it worked well.

City Council is gearing up for our busy time of year.  In a few weeks we will leave for our annual summer work session that last 3.5 days.  This is where we set our priorities for the year and discuss other important topics.  This is serious work where we start early in the morning and continue through the night.  Following this meeting we will move into our budget process.  Squeezed in between these are all of our Board and Commission interviews and then subsequent appointments.

The meeting itself was fairly quick this evening.  Here are some highlights to the meeting:

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