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City Council Meeting – July 15, 2008

This meeting was a relatively short meeting with us leaving to go back into executive session at 8:45.  However, the agenda carried many items.  The evening started with a proclamation for the Dallas Baptist University 2008 Baseball Patriots.  They made their first NCAA Tournament appearance while only playing their 3rd year as a Division 1 school.  They were also the first independent team to make the tournament since 1992. They played one of the most difficult schedules in college baseball with 5 wins against Top 25 competition.  They finished with a record of 37-17.  Congrats on a phenomenal season!

We voted on the vacancies for the Planning and Zoning Commission.  P&Z is one of the most important Commissions we have as we give them a great deal of latitude in their decision making.  Therefore, it is important that the Commission reflect the ideas and visions that Council is setting.  With 4 new Council members and a Mayor within the last 13 months, it is no surprise that there was some turnover in the Commission.  Many Council members were looking for commissioners that would stay on for their entire term as well.  The appointments were Steve Hulsey, Clint Richardson, and Will Russell.  Rick Fletcher and Jim Tupper were not reappointed.  Congratulations to the incoming Commissioners and many thanks to Commissioners Fletcher and Tupper for their service to Frisco!

We also had a discussion about our future waste water needs.  Staff presented 2 options of expanding the Stewart Creek facility or building a lift station in central Frisco to pump more to the Panther Creek station.  Staff’s recommendation was to support the expansion of the Stewart Creek station as it would be more cost effective over the long term and would also allow the City to install more odor controlling technologies at the Stewart Creek location.  No action was taken and this will continue to be a discussion topic as staff brings us more information.

We also received a report about out latest bond sale.  Recently, Frisco’s bond rating was upgraded which also helps us secure better financing terms.  This is among recent reports of surrounding cities having budget shortfalls.  Frisco is certainly not immune to the challenging economy.  However, it is a testament to our City Manager, George Purefoy, and his staff to be so prepared even in difficult economic times.

A few other items discussed included:

  • Babes Restaurant officially opened and the first week has been their best restaurant opening yet. If you have not tried it yet, you need to make it out. They are located just East of City Hall near the Senior Center and the Heritage Museum.
  • The city is now taking applications for FACT, Frisco Assistant Code Team. If you have interest, please contact the Planning Department.
  • An ordinance was created to ban public urination in other than a restroom facility.  This was passed due to some issues Police has encountered at our large concert events and will give them an enforcement tool.

This is a rare month that we have 5 Tuesdays in a month which means we get an extra week off this month.  It is great timing as we will start receiving our budget books to review.

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City Council Meeting – July 1, 2008

The early Council Meetings certainly seem to be over.  We finally closed session close to midnight this week.  We began the evening with the swearing in of new Council Member Bart Crowder.  Bart recently run in a runoff race against Tim Nelson.  He is filling the place vacated by Dr. Jim Joyner, who had reached term limits.  We took a short break to honor Dr. Joyner for all of his years of service.  Shortly thereafter, the Council unanimously voted Tony Felker to be our Mayor Pro Tem and Joy West to be our Deputy Mayor Pro Tem.

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Texans Polled on Transportation Issues

The second in an ongoing series of Texas Lyceum Polls is focused on transportation and was published yesterday. The group is a nonprofit and nonpartisan leadership group. The Lyceum Poll conducted a telephone-based multi-stage cluster sample of Texas adults with an overall margin of error of 3.1 percent.

Out of 1,000 surveyed adults, half of them male and half females, Texans want their government to put money into public transportation but are not in favor of gas taxes or toll roads to finance transportation needs.  

Eight out of ten interviewed Texans said they were registered to vote and 85% consider themselves “extremely interested” or “somewhat interested” in politics and public affairs.  

Some highlights from the poll include: 

Ø      68 % of those polled said they drive themselves to work while 2% use mass transit.
Ø      70% said they would opt for more spending on the roadways, however 44% said spending is about right on transportation.
Ø      66% oppose tolls on new roads, 69% oppose tolls on existing roads, while 8% regularly drive on toll roads.
Ø      53% of those polled favor the state of Texas allowing private business contractors to handle transportation projects and improvements.
Ø      51% said they oppose the state using its power of eminent domain to secure right of way for new transportation projects.
Ø      60% strongly oppose an increase in the gas tax for building and maintaining roads.

For more details of the poll, please visit Lyceum web site. <


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