Texans Polled on Transportation Issues

The second in an ongoing series of Texas Lyceum Polls is focused on transportation and was published yesterday. The group is a nonprofit and nonpartisan leadership group. The Lyceum Poll conducted a telephone-based multi-stage cluster sample of Texas adults with an overall margin of error of 3.1 percent.

Out of 1,000 surveyed adults, half of them male and half females, Texans want their government to put money into public transportation but are not in favor of gas taxes or toll roads to finance transportation needs.  

Eight out of ten interviewed Texans said they were registered to vote and 85% consider themselves “extremely interested” or “somewhat interested” in politics and public affairs.  

Some highlights from the poll include: 

Ø      68 % of those polled said they drive themselves to work while 2% use mass transit.
Ø      70% said they would opt for more spending on the roadways, however 44% said spending is about right on transportation.
Ø      66% oppose tolls on new roads, 69% oppose tolls on existing roads, while 8% regularly drive on toll roads.
Ø      53% of those polled favor the state of Texas allowing private business contractors to handle transportation projects and improvements.
Ø      51% said they oppose the state using its power of eminent domain to secure right of way for new transportation projects.
Ø      60% strongly oppose an increase in the gas tax for building and maintaining roads.

For more details of the poll, please visit Lyceum web site. <http://www.texaslyceum.org/media/staticContent/PubCon_Journals/2008/Transportation%20Summary%20(day%201)%20final.pdf


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