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City Council Meeting – 8/19/2008

Tonight was a relatively short Council meeting as we adjourned before 8:30.  We started with a proclamation given to the Preston Ridge division of the Daughters of the American Revolution honoring “Constitution Week.”  For ou history buffs, this week we celebrate the Constitution signing by 39 delegates at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on September 17, 1787.

The Police presented the City with an award received by the National Association of School Resource Officers.  The award, presented at a conference in Phoenix, awarded Frisco’s School Resource Officer program as 1 of 2 “Model Programs”.  Congrats on a job well done!

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City Council Meeting – 8/5/2008

Tonight’s meeting was a long one with us finally wrapping up around 11:30.  However, there were a few important topics to discuss.  We had a large turnout from citizens, mainly from those interested in the burying of utility lines and the proposed skate park.  Revising the sound ordinance for concerts at Pizza Hut Park and proposed fuel surcharge from our waste disposal company were lengthy discussions as well.

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Underground Utility Lines


There has been a great deal of discussion the last few weeks about theabove ground utility lines along Eldorado.  Shelly Slater, Channel 8 News, even covered the issue in her news report.  See the story HERE  

This item will be discussed this Tuesdy, August 5th, at our City Council meeting.  The staff report we were provided is attached below:

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