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City Council Meeting – 9/15/08

As I mentioned in the previous posting, our Council Meeting was moved up 1 day due to a conflict the Mayor had.  Although there were many agenda items, the meeting went fairly quickly with us getting out around 8:30.  Council Member Joy West joked that we should schedule more meetings during Cowboy games as it makes us more efficient.  Most of our time was spent on our Board appointments as well as approving our annual budgets.

We started the evening with a proclamation for Steve Covington, Chief Building Inspector.  Steve has been employed by Frisco for 20 years, starting on September 26, 1988.  During his tenure, he also found time to become a Certified Fire Fighter.  Thank you Steve for all of your years of service.  The City of Frisco has been blessed with extraordinary staff.

The Mayor also presented a proclamation honoring National Night Out.  This will be the 25th annual NNO and will be held on October 7.  In previous years, we have had the event in August.  Hopefully, the cooler weather will help attract more parties.  My street participates in the event each year and it has really helped us bond as a community as well as look after each other’s homes.  For more information please visit

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City Council Meeting – 9/2/2008

For our standards, this was a relatively quick meeting with us adjoining around 8:30.  However, there were a few important topics discussed.  We had our second public meeting for the proposed tax rate.  As discussed in prior posts, staff has recommended that Council maintain the tax rate at $.45.  No citizens were in attendance to discuss the budget.  The formal vote to adopt the budget will occur at our next Council meeting.

We did hear our first presentation on an unfunded federal mandate for storm water system requirements.  What this basically means is that we have been given mandated requirements without any assistance in funding.  We have a 5 year horizon where we need to show improvements in our plan.  The recommendations will include additional personnel, additional inspections, and public education.  Many cities are funding this through additional fees to their citizens in their water bill.  We will have additional discussions throughout the rest of the year.  However, City Staff wanted to have the initial discussion before the budget was adopted so there were no surprises later in the year.

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