City Council Meeting – 9/2/2008

For our standards, this was a relatively quick meeting with us adjoining around 8:30.  However, there were a few important topics discussed.  We had our second public meeting for the proposed tax rate.  As discussed in prior posts, staff has recommended that Council maintain the tax rate at $.45.  No citizens were in attendance to discuss the budget.  The formal vote to adopt the budget will occur at our next Council meeting.

We did hear our first presentation on an unfunded federal mandate for storm water system requirements.  What this basically means is that we have been given mandated requirements without any assistance in funding.  We have a 5 year horizon where we need to show improvements in our plan.  The recommendations will include additional personnel, additional inspections, and public education.  Many cities are funding this through additional fees to their citizens in their water bill.  We will have additional discussions throughout the rest of the year.  However, City Staff wanted to have the initial discussion before the budget was adopted so there were no surprises later in the year.

A few other points of interest include:

  • FISD chose to include an incentive to the Frisco Athletic Center similar to the City program.  Essentially, if the employees use the facility a certain # of times per month, then the School District will reimburse them their monthly dues. The City did this program to encourage active lifestyles of our employees.  At the New Teacher Breakfast, I did hear several positive comments from the teachers about this new program.
  • Speaking of the FAC, the outdoor acquatics is now closed for the season.  However, the 2 other city spray parks are open through the end of September.
  • We adopted a new ordinance showing our approved truck route.  This is designed to achieve a lower impact of truck traffic to our citizens as well as our roads with all of our growth.
  • We adopted a resoluton for the next legislative session showing our support to stop diverting gas tax dollars from our road funds.  The gas tax funds many of the state road projects.  It has not been indexed for inflation since the early 90s so the purchasing power has dramatically decreased.  In additional, a large % of the funds collected are used for other state projects.
  • Frisco was finally awarded a seat on the Regional Transportation Council.  This is something that has been fought for by previous Councils for many years.  This will allow us to have a greater voice on regional transportation issues.
  • The story telling festival will be back October 11-12.  20 student story tellers are in the process of getting ready and we will have 6 professional story tellers this year (up from 4 last year).  This is a great event for the entire family.
  • Staff is currently working on an update to the Hike and Bike master plan so that we may start making more connections throughout Frisco.
  • Staff is working with consultants on new demographic studies for 380 out through the year 2015.  Competition for retail developments along 380 will be the next frontier for Frisco and information such as this will help us gain a competitive advantage.
  • Council Member Scott Johnson was appointed to the Panther Creek Public Improvement District.  He is replacing the seat vacated by former Council Member Jim Joyner.
Our next Council Meeting has been moved to Monday, September 15, rather than our normal Tuesday slot.  The Mayor had a conflict.  Of course, it is now scheduled during Monday Night football when the Cowboys play the Eagles.  The Mayor obviously is not a football fan!
Thanks for reading.

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