City Council Meeting 12/2/2008

I apologize for the delay in getting this summary out and appreciate your patience.  Dana and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on December 8.  Between that and all of the great holiday events Frisco and our partners have offered, I have not been able to keep up!  Our meeting agenda was fairly light this week.


  • The Texas Fallen Soldiers Project was recognized for the work they do.  The artist, Phil Taylor, creates paintings for families with fallen soldiers.  It is a project that has seen their demand explode with 2 requests a week.  Unfortunately, the artist can only deliver 2 per month so they are looking for additional support to be able to provide this service to all of the deserving families.  Mr. Taylor realized this passion when performing a tribute to Frisco Resident Ben Dossett.  Many of you remember Ben was a High School senior who lost his life in a motorcycle accident a few years ago.  Mr. Taylor presented the Dossetts with such a tribute and was touched by the response.  He quickly learned he wanted to be able to touch more lives in such a powerful way amongst a great tragedy.  You can learn more at
  • Some of our local fire department were recognized for their hurricane recovery efforts.  Many of our finest served Frisco well by helping out other communities in their great time of need.
  • Dr. Ron Heezen, Frisco’s Library Director, was recognized for all of his years in service to Frisco and the Library. Ron is truly the best in the business and was instrumental in getting the new Frisco Library off to such a successful start.  His talents and his welcoming nature will be surely missed.

As many of you know, the legislative session is just around the corner.  Frisco does set priorities that we communicate to our legislative leaders.  We passed a list of priorities and topic opinions.  The list is far too long to detail here.  However, you may view the full document at the following link

There were some changes approved to the Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance as a result of findings from a study performed by the Texas City Attorney’s Association.

Council approved a water rate increase of roughly $.41/thousand gallons.  The rate had not been increased since 1994 and as a result, our water utility fund has been running negative.  Our new rates are still highly competitive with surrounding cities and are designed to balance the budget in our water utility fund.  The average family in Frisco will only see a change in their water bill by a few dollars.

Finally, Council made appointments to update the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.  This group will work over the next 12 months with staff to provide direction in updating the future development plans of the City.  Given that Frisco is still less than half developed, this is an exciting time to be involved in a group such as this.  Those appointed are Steve Cone, Chris Fuller, Dustin Gibson, Michael Hottinger, Kevin Jerich, Donald Simmons, Bill Woodard, Jay Young, John Zapata, Baxter Brinkman, Barbara, Gallegos, Jim Gandy, John Hamilton, Steve Hulsey, Chris Hunter, Geralyn Kaminsky, Susanne Kerley, Robert Oullette, Jeanne Patterson, Lori Stroud, and Jim Wilson.  Thanks to all of those that expressed interest!


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