Frisco Med-Tech Building Tapped as a Finalist 2008 Best Real Estate Deals

January 19 2009 — The Frisco Economic Development Corporation announces that the Med-Tech Building project has been announced as a finalist for the 17th Annual Best Real Estate Deal for 2008. The 50,000 square foot building is the headquarters for the North Texas Enterprise for Medical Technology Center (NTEC). The project was funded by a bond issue from the Frisco Economic Development Corporation (FEDC). The two-story, state-of-the-art medtech facility, includes 80 offices, 30 cubes, 10,000 square feet of highly flexible biolabs, device labs and prototyping labs to empower life-science start-ups. The incubator/accelerator will house as many as 25 entrepreneurial medical device and technology businesses. NTEC’s expansion and substantial growth compliments increased investments at the state, national and international levels. This development will further expand the vision of the FEDC being a supporter of and for emerging medtech companies and the City of Frisco to continue as the leading catalyst for development of a medtech cluster in North Texas.


“We are very pleased that this project has been acknowledged as a finalist for the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Deals, said Jim Gandy, president, Frisco Economic Development Corporation. “We are very proud of Frisco and this is just another example of the good things happening in Frisco.”


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