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City Council Meeting – 2/17/2009

Our meeting this week was fairly short with mainly procedural votes taking place.  I wanted to first thank our Police and Fire Departments for their tribute to our fallen soldier, US Army Corporal Peter Courcy.  It was very touching welcome home.  You can read more about this story in the Frisco Enterprise Article.

I want to congratulate Liz Metting for being awarded the 2009 Engineer of the Year award from the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Liz is currently Frisco’s assistant director of engineering. Liz and her team oversee a Capital Project Program with $200 million of projects under construction and design.  Her team also reviews all private development plans for compliance with City standards.  Liz has over 20 years of experience in transportation and municipal engineering projects throughout Texas, including transportation planning, final design and municipal program management. Liz and her husband Mark have continually served as volunteers for a number of organizations including MATHCOUNTS, Preston Trail TSPE, Dallas ASCE, Texas Section ASCE, City of Plano, HOA and school PTAs. She also has enjoyed serving as a volunteer for Girl Scouts and has been recognized as an Outstanding Leader, Green Angel and Outstanding Volunteer.  Liz is a tremendous asset to the City of Frisco and we are thankful she represents the citizens of Frisco so well.

 Another proclamation was given to the Frisco Canyons Rock Climbing Team, “Team Canyons.”  Team Canyons has represented Frisco in competitions throughout the USA as well as competitions in Canada for the World Cup.  The team was the Regional Bouldering Competition Winner and a few members won individual competitions as well.  Congratulations to Team Canyons for your awards!

During citizen input, we had a special visit from teenager Adam Lee.  Adam lives in my neighborhood and along with his friends, are avid BMX riders.  They had constructed some ramps in our neighborhood creek area.  When one of our HOA Board members, Wenter Blair, became aware of the violation she saw it as a great opportunity to help the kids with their passion.  She decided to work with the kids to help the City develop our future skate park.  The kids have taken an active role in the development of the park and were excited to express their ideas to the City Council.  We have put them in touch with our Parks and Rec Department so they can have an mechnism to share their passion on what a Frisco skate park should look like.  As a Council, we greatly appreciate when our residents, especially our youth, show a vested interest and passion on how the City is developed.  I also want to thank Wenter for the leadership and direction she has shown to help the kids positively work on their passion.

I will conclude by mentioning our recent trip to Austin for Collin and Denton County Days with the Legislators.  Mayor Maso, Council Member Johnson and Felker, myself, Assistant City Manager Henry Hill, and Jim Gandy along with EDC staff spent 2 days in Austin to discuss issues important to Frisco in the upcoming session.  There were also many members from the Chamber representing Frisco as well.  It was a very productive trip and we had discussions with most of our representatives.  This was the first year it was done as a joint event with Collin, Denton, and Grayson Counties.  I felt this was a great way to handle the event as we had an opportunity to discuss isses with Denton and Collin County and did not feel the pressure of splitting our time.  More than anything, it was an opportunity to continue to build strong relationships with our regional leaders which is crucial when we are representing Frisco in front of our County and State Leaders.

Here is a picture from our trip:



City Council Meeting 2/3/2009

I was honored to have the family of Sheila Elliott, as well as other families effected by Congenital Heart Disease, in attendance to recognize February as Congenital Heart Disease Awareness month.  If you have never heard Sheila’s amazing story, I encourage you to read her journey here.  1 in 88 children are born with this form of heart disease and it is the #1 cause of deaths in the first year of a child.  Sheila encourages everyone to remember to regularly donate blood.  One of her son’s surgeries was delayed because they did not have enough plasma.

We are all excited to announce the hiring of our new City Secretary Jenny Page.  Many of you remember the retiring of long time City Secretary Nan Parker last year. The process has been a long one as there were many fine candidates seeking the job.  I commend staff for working overtime to make up for the open position while we found the right candidate.  Ms. Page will be moving here from Dayton and should be starting in time for our first meeting in March.  She is just in time as we start getting ready for our next election next May.

Have you been to the Library yet?  If not, you seem to be one of the few in Frisco!  The Library shared their tremendous growth #s with us.  Total library transactions increased 77% in December from last year to over 100,000 transactions.  Patron visits were nearly 44,000 in December, an increase of 116% from December of last year.  Library Director Holley mentioned the biggest challenge has been managing programming attendance as well as parking.  We hope to start resolving the growing parking problem with the construction of the City Hall parking garage.  I asked Director Holley to bring us some information about Library capacity to see how long this facility will service the needs of our residents.  That discussion will take place at a future meeting.

The Friends of the Frisco Public Library are hosting a 64 Questions Trivia Contest on Saturday February 28th, 2009 at the First United Methodist Church beginning at 1:00pm.   A $400.00 prize will be awarded to the winning team.  Each team of 8 (or less members) will answer 8 questions in each of 8 rounds.  The entry fee is $120.00 for a decorated table and $80.00 for and undecorated table.  (Table sponsors keep the decorations)   Entry forms and rules and more information can be picked up at the Frisco Library First Floor Reference Desk or send an email to and the form and rules will be emailed to you.  Completed forms and entry fees must be received by Feb 18th.  Enter early to have the best selection of decorated table themes. Call Judy Clark at 214-387-0128 for more information.

We have also seen similar growth in resident use of other facilities such as the Senior Center and the Frisco Athletic Center.  Total members registered at the Senior Center in December were 1,636, almost a 10% increase from last year at this time.  A total of seventy-nine programs were offered during the month of December with 1,129 Seniors taking part in these activities. This compares to 869 participants taking part last year at this time. This reflects a 30% increase from this past year. The use of volunteer assistance continued to be a major resource for the Senior Center. In December alone, over 375 hours of volunteer service was provided for the Center. This was an increase of 63% from December of 2007.


In December, the FAC had a total of 13,895 members, compared to 8,733 members in 2007 at this time. This year’s totals represent 4,099 separate monthly and annual accounts compared to 2,527 accounts last year. Daily attendance at the FAC for members averaged 1,054 for December 2008, as compared to 717 this past year.  The early returns for January show even higher growth as our citizen’s try to hang onto those New Year’s resolutions.

A few of the upcoming events from the Parks and Rec Department:

  • 12th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance – Saturday, February 7, 2009 at the Frisco Convention Center. Tickets went on sale Saturday, January 10th . At the time of this report, over 3,600 tickets had been sold for this year’s event.

  • 5th Annual Trick-a-Trout Kid Fish – Saturday, February 14, 2009 at Frisco Commons Park. Spend your Valentine’s Day morning with your family at this great kid fishing event. Held each year at the Frisco Commons pond, this event helps to provide young boys and girls a chance to fish for fresh trout that are stocked by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department each winter especially for this event. The fishing starts at 8:00 am and continues during the day with the general public invited to fish after 11:00 am. Last year’s attendance exceeded 1,000.

We again discussed the old City Hall building at 6891 Main St.  I did have an opportunity to tour the building with our property manager since our last meeting.  After seeing the condition of the building, I do feel an investment in the property is warranted.  The types of improvements we are seeking is to bring the property to a market condition for a shell space.  All of the improvements will be of a nature that would help attract a potential tenant that all tenant’s would require anyway.  We will also be looking to use available city personnel with experience in some of the trades we will require.  The building has been sitting empty for a few years so we are hopeful this improvements will help attract a much needed quality tenant in the downtown area.

A few other noteworthy items include:

  • Deina McNabb, Owner of Lochrann’s, was appointed to the Board of the Convention & Visitors Bureau representing the Downtown CBD/Frisco Square Retail Sector.
  • We decided to table the action item to rename US 380 to University Dr.  Instead, we may look at maintaining a dual name such as 380 University Dr.  380 does carry the University name in Denton as well as McKinney.  The push in the name change was to make the road consistent.  However, we do not want to lose the naming significance of this major thoroughfare.

A few of us will be traveling to Austin on Monday and Tuesday for Collin and Denton County Days.  This is an opportunity for us to meet with our state representatives about issues important to Frisco in the upcoming session.  I will give a full report after our few days there.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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