City of Frisco Receives Notice Exide Agrees to Withdraw Application To Expand Plant Production

The City of Frisco received notice today Exide Technologies will voluntarily withdraw its application for a permit amendment with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to increase production limits. In a letter dated October 23, Exide Technologies stated it will work with TCEQ to locate monitors as recommended by TCEQ.

Frisco sent a letter to the TCEQ dated November 24,2008, protesting the permit application and requesting a contested hearing.

City Manager George Purefoy stated, “The history of the Exide plant in Frisco has been one in which the various owners of the facility, through the years, have been steadfast in their commitment to solve problems created by the plant and to be a very responsive corporate citizen.  I believe the letter delivered to the city today reestablishes that commitment to the city of Frisco and its citizens.  Not only has the company withdrawn its application to increase production, but it has also committed to support health studies and to install additional controls so that the plant may come into full compliance with the new regulatory standards.  Exide heard the concerns of the Frisco city council and the Frisco citizens and has responded in an attitude of wanting to be a good corporate citizen.”

Purefoy further stated, “After studying correspondence sent by Melissa Andersen Kuskie, SIP Project Manager for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which included reported emissions since 2000, it appears that the plant’s emissions have been close to meeting the new standards since that time.  While the nonattainment area proposed by the TCEQ is based upon current permitted limits, the city will request that a similar map be produced which shows the nonattainment area based on actual emission data.”

Ms. Kuskie states in the correspondence, “the predicted maximum concentrations in ambient air appear to be roughly two to three times higher than actual monitored values.”

“It’s an important first step to give our citizens assurances their public health is a top priority,” said Mayor Maher Maso.  “We’re pleased Exide listened to the concerns of our citizens.  Transparency in government is something we strive for daily and we’re encouraged by Exide’s written commitment to maintain a positive relationship with our city.”


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