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Late Night Ordinance Reviewed

I have not addressed the late night ordinance in awhile.  This topic has been heating up with the polls opening on Monday to start voting on this issue.

Dallas Morning News writer Ed Housewright address this topic in his Sunday Editorial in support of the late night ordinance.  You can read the story here:

In the article, Mr. Housewright references a blog entry I made here a few months ago.  He called me last week to ask if he could reference the blog which of course, I agreed.  That is why I started this blog so that my opinions and decisions are transparent to the public.  I am just glad he took the time to read the blog!

You can read the blog entry he references here:

You can also visit the official sites for both sides at the following links:

In Favor –

Opposed –


Whichever side of the issue you are on, I just hope that everyone exercises their right to vote.  Early voting starts this Monday and election day is May 10th.


Late Night Ordinance Suspended

In response to a citizen petition, the late night ordinance has been suspended until the citizens of Frisco can vote on the issue next May.  Frisco’s City Charter allows our citizens to petition to repeal our decisions by obtaining signatures from 30% of the # of people that voted in our last election.  Since we had just over to 2,000 votes in our last election, just under 700 signatures were required.

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Late Night Ordinance

Alcohol is always a polarizing issue.  This item has been controversial for years. Issues such as these are always more challenging as there is a great deal of emotion tied to them.  There were many people that were passionately opposed to the ordinance which I appreciated. I also listened to each and every comment and gave it great consideration. I went into this vote with an open mind and tried to gather the opinions of as many people as I could.  My findings were that many more people were in favor of the ordinance; however, they were not as passionate about their convictions as some of those that were adamantly against it.  However, before I would ever cast a vote on an issue such as this, I have to be very sure that I feel like I am making the best decision for the citizens of Frisco which includes my family. Based on my research, I feel that the 2 am ordinance is the right thing for Frisco at this time.

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Comparing Frisco to Other Cities

We contacted TABC and were advised the following cities have “late” hours or can stay open until 2am

Allen, Plano, The Colony, Southlake, Denton, Lewisville, Dallas, Richardson, Lake Dallas, Little Elm

The following cities have “standard” hours or can stay open until midnight with the 1 am extension for weekends:

Frisco, Flower Mound, Mckinney, Prosper, Carrolton


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