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Today we have our 2nd annual kid’s safety day at Legacy Christian Academy. The weather did not hold up for us but we did need the rain. Despite the poor weather he had another great event. A few hundred families showed up to learn bike safety, get car seat checks, get finger prints and ID checks, learn pool safety, and much more! We even got to see the Care-Flight helicopter land in the parking lot!

This is quickly becoming a great pre-summer tradition that we really enjoy doing. Thank you to all of our volunteers that helped make this a great event.


Relay For Life

After our softball game, our family headed over to the Frisco Relay for Life Event. Frisco-Online has become the perennial top fund raiser. Our team raised over $10,000 for cancer research this year.

My kids got to se the illuminary dedicated to Dana’s mom, who died of cancer a few years ago. Zach still remembers his mimi and said he was glad she was in heaven.

The event was held at Pizza Hut Park this year which was a great venue. And we finally had great weather after the last 2 years of terrible weather.