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Week in Review (Ending 12/2/2007)

Last week there was not update as much of Frisco took the week off to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday.  My family went to Columbus, Tx to visit Dana’s Dad.  He is a cattle rancher and I look forward to getting out to the country.  We always come back refreshed after spending a weekend in the slower paced environment.  We did have a scare with my daughter Kaytlin.  She got sick Friday night and we end up spending 18 hours in the emergency room.  Thankfully, she is okay.  We did have to miss Matt & Erika Lafata’s wedding.  Congrats guys and sorry we missed it!


Things started picking up again this Thursday.  On Thursday, I visited with Allison Miller, Director of the Frisco Education Foundation, and Jake and Vinita Reed of the Frisco Thunder.  We discussed fundraising ideas for the Foundation by giving away ticket proceeds to the Foundation.  Next year, because of the expansion of the Dr. Pepper Stars Center, they will have to play 7 straight home games followed by 7 straight road games.  The arena expansion will begin immediately after their last home game.


This afternoon I attended a celebration of the funding of the 121 proceeds. Frisco’s stance on 121 was a long and bitter battle but likely resulted in the project remaining with NTTA rather than being sold to Cintras.

Tonight we took the family to the Texas Tornado game.  They are having a rough season this year but my family always enjoys going.  The highlight od the evening is always chuck-a-puck after the end of the 2nd period.


Wow! Today was a busy day in Frisco.  We started the morning at the Breakfast with Santa event at the new Frisco Athletic Club.  After my kids told Santa what they wanted, we rushed to my youngest boy’s soccer game in the Colony.  It was his first soccer game as that was the first league that we found would allow a 3 year old to play in.  Later that night we enjoyed the Merry Main Street even and street lighting.  The good weather had the place packed!  We actually got on the train this year as we went there as soon as it opened.  My kids were so disappointed last year when we were unable to get on.  This years event was wonderful and I especially liked seeing the new fountain in action.


Teachers on Ice!

Tonight we took the entire family to Teachers on Ice. If you have never been, it is a wonderful event that benefits the Frisco Education Foundation. It pairs the teachers of Frisco in a grudge match hockey game. My kids loved the game and the turnout packed the house.

I got 3rd place in the “Chuck a Puck” contest and won my boys an autographed hockey puck. I cannot quite make out who actually signed it but I am sure it is someone very important 🙂

Frisco Education Foundation Scholarship Night

Tonight was the highlight of all of the hard work that goes into the Frisco Education Foundation. Tonight we awarded scholarships to high school seniors to help jump start their college career. I received a similar scholarship when I was a high school senior which greatly assisted my ability to go to college so serving on this Board is very rewarding for me. I was happy to hear one of the students I presented to was attending my alma mater, the University of Texas. He is going pre-med and I wish him, along with all other seniors, the best of luck as they go off to college.

FEF Scholarship interviews

This morning I got the pleasure to interview High School seniors at Frisco High School for the Frisco Education Foundation. This is my favorite thing to do all year. It is my second year on the Foundation Board and I am so amazed on how polished and dynamic the students are. It is a great testament to our school system as well as supporting organizations that are enabling our students to become so extraordinary.

Some FAQs regarding the Foundation:
Q) How many scholarships will the Foundation award?
A) The Foundation received ~280 applications, while interviewing ~145 of the 280 that applied. The Foundation will be awarding ~62 scholarships in addition to the endowed and memorial/honor scholarships. Also being chosen from the FEF application process wil be those students receiving pass through scholarships from outside organizations, clubs, community members, booster groups, and corporations.

Q) What is the average amount of a scholarship?
A) An FEF scholarship can range anywhere from $500-6,000.

If you sit through a morning of interviews, you will quickly become passionate about the Foundation’s cause as well as the need for additional resources. There are more students that deserve and need scholarship money to achieve their dreams than we can possibly help.

If you are interested in getting involved or making a donation, please visit

Frisco Education Foundation starts application review

I am so honored to serve on the Board of the Frisco Education Foundation. The Foundation’s Mission is:

The Frisco Education Foundation, in partnership with the Greater Frisco Community, provides financial resources to maximize the potential of students of the Frisco Independent School District through the awarding of educational scholarships and innovative grants.

Today we reviewed all of the application’s of the students. I am amazed at all of the extraordinary students each and every year. We finalized as a Board the students that would be interviewed which begin the first week of March. Each student is so unique and talented in many different ways that we want to give a scholarship to everyone.

If you are interested in helping promote the Frisco Education Foundation’s Mission please visit

With more High School coming on and the growth of the school district, we will need to continue to expand our efforts to provide scholarships to deserving students and families of need


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