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City Council Meeting – 3/18/2008

We were not quite sure if there would be anyone in the audience due to Spring Break and the flash flood warnings.  However, we did have a decent crowd brave the weather to attend tonight’s meeting.  Because of the uncertainly of the weather, we did postpose the update on RTC (Regional Transportation Council) by Michael Morris.  This has been moved to the April 15th Council Meeting.  So after you mail off that tax return, make sure to swing by and listen to that update.

There were not many controversial topics on the agenda; however, there were certainly some points of interest to update you on.

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City Council Meeting – 3/4/2008

We had a relatively short agenda this evening which worked out well as we had to do some staff reviews following the meeting.  We apologize for everyone that attended as we started about 30 minutes late due to a lengthy executive session.  We start the meeting at 5:30 and then immediately recess into executive session.  We attempt to compete that within an hour so we can reconvene at 6:30.  However, occasionally we run over if we have numerous topics or lengthy discussions.

Before I discuss the actual meeting, I first want to talk about the County Commissioner races that will effect Frisco for years to come.

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