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Frisco Town Hall Meeting

Frisco goes green was the theme of the Town Hall Meeting. The turn out was great…it must have been the free T-Shirt!

It was a treat to hear from the David Wallace, Mayor of Sugarland and the strides they have made in youth internet safety. Owning, this is an issue that is dear to us. After listening to his presentation, we have decided to add internet safety to our child safety day on May 5 as well as doing more to educate parents on the issues. If you are interested in learning more, a great website is

Next was a presentaion on Drug Education Programs. The speaker recommended to the City to have more education programs for parents as they are the first line of defense. The Mayor added Frisco’s goal is to be proactive on drug prevention and education. One of Frisco’s growing concerns is theft from cars which is an opportunity crime. The Police introduced the Lock, Take & Hide program ro remind people to not leave valuables behind in their car.

Presentations also included Clean Air programs, green building programs, and Frisco’s state-of-the-art recycling program.

Gary Hardwell, Director of Public Works, discussed water conservation. Lake Lavon is going to double capacity by 2008 which will greatly help. We will likely stay in Stage 3 up to this point. Gary discussed the City’s plan to track actual rainfall vs. water needed to show residents how much they need to water each week. Links should be available soon.


Frisco Family Services Boots, Bandanas, and Bowties Gala

Wow, what an incredible event. Kudos to Frisco Family Services for a first class event. The highlight of the evening was the auctioneer, who had Dana and I still chuckling on Sunday. Unfortunately, I did not win the Lexus raffle. However, I was the winning bidder on a custom spa package for the 6 ladies that work for me (boss brownie points), a gift basket from RoBears Gourmet baskets, and a gift card for a pizzeria. It was all great fun in the spirit of charity!

FEF Scholarship interviews

This morning I got the pleasure to interview High School seniors at Frisco High School for the Frisco Education Foundation. This is my favorite thing to do all year. It is my second year on the Foundation Board and I am so amazed on how polished and dynamic the students are. It is a great testament to our school system as well as supporting organizations that are enabling our students to become so extraordinary.

Some FAQs regarding the Foundation:
Q) How many scholarships will the Foundation award?
A) The Foundation received ~280 applications, while interviewing ~145 of the 280 that applied. The Foundation will be awarding ~62 scholarships in addition to the endowed and memorial/honor scholarships. Also being chosen from the FEF application process wil be those students receiving pass through scholarships from outside organizations, clubs, community members, booster groups, and corporations.

Q) What is the average amount of a scholarship?
A) An FEF scholarship can range anywhere from $500-6,000.

If you sit through a morning of interviews, you will quickly become passionate about the Foundation’s cause as well as the need for additional resources. There are more students that deserve and need scholarship money to achieve their dreams than we can possibly help.

If you are interested in getting involved or making a donation, please visit

Frisco PD Presents Business Safety at the Chamber

I attended a presentation put on by Frisco PD at the Chamber of Commerce. Robert Monts and Glynda Covington, Frisco Community Service Officers, discussed valuable tools on how to stay safe as well as prevent crime in the workplace. The discussion was timely in light of last night’s attempted car jacking in Frisco. Their advice, “it’s better to lose your possessions than your life.” The most common crime discussed were crimes of opportunity.

They also advised that taking preventative measures is the best defense. One interesting point was that criminals will tend to target more run down establishments that well manicured. The thought process is that a well taken care of business generally has the latest preventative means. If a business looks run down, than a criminal assumes they are not investing in preventative measures.

The joke of the afternoon came from Detective Clay Anderson. He answered what we all wanted to know…..that real life detective work is nothing like the TV Show CSI!

Learn more about the Frisco PD at


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