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Frisco PD Presents Business Safety at the Chamber

I attended a presentation put on by Frisco PD at the Chamber of Commerce. Robert Monts and Glynda Covington, Frisco Community Service Officers, discussed valuable tools on how to stay safe as well as prevent crime in the workplace. The discussion was timely in light of last night’s attempted car jacking in Frisco. Their advice, “it’s better to lose your possessions than your life.” The most common crime discussed were crimes of opportunity.

They also advised that taking preventative measures is the best defense. One interesting point was that criminals will tend to target more run down establishments that well manicured. The thought process is that a well taken care of business generally has the latest preventative means. If a business looks run down, than a criminal assumes they are not investing in preventative measures.

The joke of the afternoon came from Detective Clay Anderson. He answered what we all wanted to know…..that real life detective work is nothing like the TV Show CSI!

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